Are private docks allowed on Dale Hollow Lake?

Who owns Dale Hollow marina?

Anchor South Investments LLC, a Knoxville-based resort and marina management company, has added Dale Hollow State Park Marina to its stable of properties.May 27, 2016

Can you rent a pontoon at Yatesville Lake?

Yatesville Lake is well known for its cleanliness and you can rent pontoon boats from the marina to enjoy it to its full extent. The average depth of the lake is 40 feet. Kentucky fishing license required.

Is Dale Hollow State Park open?

Hours are 8:30 am – 5 pm Sunday through Thursday and 8:30 am – 8 pm Friday & Saturday. Price is $6/adult, $4/child (5-11), and 4 & under FREE. The ride starts right here at Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park!

Can you ski on Dale Hollow Lake?

Dale Hollow's forested shoreline and pristine waters make it an ideal spot for boating and skiing. ... Of the 27,700 surface acres of water and 620 miles of shoreline, plenty of areas are available for a secluded tie-up.

image-Are private docks allowed on Dale Hollow Lake?
image-Are private docks allowed on Dale Hollow Lake?

What is summer pool level at Dale Hollow Lake?

Q: What is the average elevation and temperature of Dale Hollow? A: The ordinary high water mark (summer pool) is 651 feet above mean sea level (msl). During the fall drawdown, the lake elevation has reached a minimum elevation of 632 feet msl. The maximum recorded elevation is 660 feet msl.


Where is Dale Hollow Lake Tennessee?

Dale Hollow Dam is located approximately three miles East of Celina, Tenn., on the Obey River, 7.3 miles above its juncture with the Cumberland River at river mile 380.9. Dale Hollow Lake covers portions of Clay, Pickett, Overton and Fentress Counties in Tennessee and Clinton and Cumberland Counties in Kentucky.


Can you swim Yatesville Lake?

Besides camping and fishing, the lake is great for swimming and recreational boating activities, like tubing and paddling. There's also an 18-hole golf course, and plenty of places for picnicking with loved ones.


Is Barren River State park open?

Course open year-round, weather permitting. Pro Shop Number: 1-800-295-1876. Two self-guided trails on park.


What kind of fish are in Yatesville Lake?

Yatesville Lake is a eutrophic lake, of high productivity. The lake supports fair to excellent populations of sunfish (redear sunfish and bluegill) good to excellent populations of catfish (flathead catfish and channel catfish), and good populations of largemouth bass and crappie.Oct 2, 2020


Is there a city under Dale Hollow Lake?

Willow Grove: the town that drowned. Not unlike the fabled city of Atlantis, the old town of Willow Grove, Tennessee, is now under a lavish blanket of water. The murky depths of Dale Hollow Lake still house the shadowy foundations of what was once a beautiful and thriving valley town.


Is Dale Hollow or Lake Cumberland bigger?

Dale Hollow offers the same expereince but a bit smaller lake. the prices are great, people friendly and my family enjoy our experience there instead of at Lake Cumberland.


Is Dale Hollow in Kentucky or Tennessee?

Located in Clinton and Cumberland counties in Kentucky and Overton and Pickett counties in Tennessee, Dale Hollow is one of Kentucky's oldest artificial lakes, impounded in 1943 from the Obey River, and one of the earliest lakes built by the Corps of Engineers. The lake has 27,700-acres of water.

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