Can non members stay at WorldMark?

How far is Kingstown Reef WorldMark from Disney World?

It is 7 miles from WorldMark Orlando Kingstown Reef to Walt Disney World. It is approximately 11.8 miles to drive.Dec 15, 2021

When was Wyndham Kingstown reef built?

Scheduled for Late 2020 – 87 Rooms

It is anticipated that a total of 87 new timeshare suites will be added to the Orlando resort for owners in both WorldMark® by Wyndham® and Club Wyndham® vacation clubs, more than doubling the size of the Florida Keys-themed property, which opened in 2000.
Mar 25, 2019

What is a WorldMark fractional unit?

"Fractional" means that it is not owned by Worldmark by Wyndham, but that it is in a place that Worldmark owns some of the units. The unit is rented out and available through WbW, but will not be up to Wyndham standards. You will be renting from a private owner, through WbW.

How many WorldMark resorts are there?

Currently, there are over 50 different WorldMark, the Club resort locations that span the United States, Canada and Mexico. Resort accommodations range from studio to four-bedroom penthouse units.

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How long are WorldMark credits good for?

Once credits are deposited in your account, the credits have a two-year (24-month) life and will expire at the end of the second year. Owners may use their current anniversary year's credits and then borrow their vacation credits (all of them or any portion of them) from the next year.


How many WorldMark owners are there?

WorldMark, The Club has more than 220,000 owners who have a choice of over 7,000 ownership units at more than 90 locations in the United States including Missouri, Arizona, Illinois, Colorado, Florida, Utah, Nevada, Hawaii, Texas, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Illinois! Canada, Fiji, Mexico, are also among other ...


What is WorldMark bonus time?

Bonus time is a feature that gives WorldMark owners the option to pay cash for short-notice vacations without using any available credits, and comes with any Premier WorldMark Ownership, even if you buy resale.Dec 5, 2011


Are WorldMark and Wyndham the same?

WorldMark by Wyndham (formerly Trendwest) is the developer and marketer of WorldMark, The club, a vacation ownership program and part of the Wyndham Worldwide Corporation.


Is WorldMark owned by Wyndham?

WorldMark by Wyndham, one of seven Wyndham Vacation Ownership primary consumer brands, provides a wide range of vacation options to its more than 228,000 owner families.


Is WorldMark pet friendly?

WorldMark does not allow “pets” at any resorts. Do not take your pets to WM resorts and try to pass them off as legitimate service animals, no matter how “well-behaved” they are.


How old do you have to be to stay at WorldMark?

No one under the age of 18 will be allowed to use a Club Unit without parental supervision. Time Frame for Making a Reservation. Vacation Credit reservations may be made up to 13 months before the first day of the reserved period, and may extend beyond 13 months if the stay is continuous and uninterrupted.


How old do you have to be to check in at WorldMark?

The checking times for WorldMark Anaheim are between 4:00 PM and midnight. The minimum age to check-in is 18.

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