Can you kayak in Boulder Reservoir?

Do you need a permit for the Boulder Reservoir?

Yes, all watercraft, including canoes, kayaks, wind- and kite-boards, and stand up paddle boards (SUP) require a boat permit to launch on the Boulder Reservoir. The reason for this requirement is to allow better communication with all boaters about special events, water safety and aquatic nuisance species issues.

Can you rent paddle boards at gross reservoir?

Just past Hobie Haven, the reservoir boathouse rents paddleboards throughout the day until Labor Day. ... The entry fee to the reservoir is $6.25 per vehicle from Memorial Day to Labor Day; after that, it's free (no dogs allowed).Feb 18, 2016

Do you have to pay for Boulder Reservoir?

The Basics: The Boulder Reservoir is open year-round. Entry fees are charged during the summer season from April 12, 2021 through October 17, 2021. Entry fee: $6.50 for youth (3–18), $11 for adults (19–59), $8.25 for seniors (60+) or $29 for a group of 4, max 2 adults. Dogs aren't allowed during the summer season.

Can you swim at Coot Lake?

Please respect the wetlands along the shoreline. Dogs permitted under certain conditions. Dogs are allowed to swim on the east and south shores only. Dogs are not allowed on the west side or in any of the wetland areas.

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Is it safe to swim in Boulder Reservoir?

No swimming unless lifeguards are present and on duty. No swimming anywhere outside the designated swim area. Children under 13 must be supervised by an adult at all times. Children under 5 must have an adult within arms reach at all times.


Can you water ski on the Boulder Reservoir?

About the Boulder Reservoir

It is used for recreation, drinking water and irrigation. Popular recreation activities at the reservoir include boating, swimming, sun bathing, water skiing, fishing, picnicking, walking, running, cycling and wildlife viewing.


Can you run around Boulder Reservoir?

Boulder Reservoir is a loop trail of 5.3 miles covering two levees, dirt trails, and part of 55th street. ... You can begin your run from either the 55th street Boulder Reservoir Trailhead or from the Eagle Trailhead. Both will help you avoid having to pay to park inside the reservoir grounds.


What is the water temperature of Boulder Reservoir?

Current water temp is 75 degrees. Boulder's OG tavern since '87.Jul 27, 2019


Can you swim at Union Reservoir?

Union Reservoir's sandy beaches provide a gathering spot for all. Lifeguards are stationed at the beach for safety. Swimming is allowed during posted hours only (see Hours).


Is Boulder Creek Open for tubing?

Tubing season runs from May to August, depending on flows in Boulder Creek. During peak runoff (usually May and June and sometimes into July), the water is colder and faster, so brace yourself for serious whitewater action. The creek mellows out later in the summer. ... The ideal range for tubing is 100–200 cfs.Jul 8, 2016


Is swimming allowed in gross reservoir?

Swimming, wading, scuba diving or other water activities are not allowed on the reservoir. You must stay on top of the water like kayaking, canoeing, in the winter ski touring or ice skating. On ice activities are legal and at your own risk.


Can you walk around gross reservoir?

Gross Reservoir is a 5.2 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Boulder, Colorado that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

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