Does Condor use Swissport for ground services?

What kind of seats does condcondor use?

  • Condor uses 767s as their long-haul aircraft of choice, and in the back there is a 2-3-2 set up. The seat used for Premium and Economy is exactly the same (albeit with a slightly different color) as those in standard economy. The biggest difference was the legroom — with a solid 36 inches of pitch.

What is it like to fly from Condor south satellite?

  • Many wide-body flights generally depart from the South Satellite. Around the time of my flight, there were wide-bodies at every gate, all departing within 90 minutes. This meant utter confusion and bedlam throughout the concourse. This is obviously not something that Condor has control over, but it certainly doesn’t add to the experience.

How long is flight de2032 from Frankfurt to Seattle?

  • Flight DE2032 from Frankfurt to Seattle is operated by Condor. Scheduled time of departure from Frankfurt Main is 14:25 CEST and scheduled time of arrival in Seattle Tacoma Intl is 16:15 PDT. The duration of the flight is 10 hours 50 minutes.

image-Does Condor use Swissport for ground services?
image-Does Condor use Swissport for ground services?
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