Does Daniel Island have a downtown?

Visit one of our county parks which offer nature trails, waterparks, playgrounds, paddle boats, climbing walls, and more. Or, enjoy one of the many city parks for a picnic and frisbee and a porch swing view of the harbor.

Is there a beach at Daniel Island?

Walking/Jogging Paths: There are 12+ miles of walking/jogging trails throughout Daniel Island. Beaches: The 91 miles of Charleston coastline offers plenty of public beachfront for swimming, surfing, fishing & sunning.

Is Daniel Island SC Safe?

Not only is Daniel Island a safe community with top notch schools and competitive sports, but it is also a friendly one! Unlike other areas of Charleston, Daniel Island is an eclectic mix of people from all over the country. ... The gracious and generous giving of Daniel Island residents is a core virtue of the community.

Is Daniel Island walkable?

Present-Day Daniel Island

Today, Daniel Island is a walkable town complete with scenic parks, traditional neighborhoods, top-rated schools, golf courses, marsh views and much more.

Is Daniel Island really an island?

Daniel Island is a large island located three miles north of the Charleston Harbor, between the Cooper and Wando rivers. It lies within Berkeley County but has been annexed by the City of Charleston.

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image-Does Daniel Island have a downtown?

Is Daniel Island a nice place to stay?

Daniel Island is an upscale, master planned community north of Charleston. There are many beautiful, new large homes being built and there is plenty more room for future expansion. Smythe Lake Park is a nice large lake ringed with beautiful large homes. Daniel Island also has a nice public library.


Is Daniels island expensive?

The Price. With spacious, newer housing options and a foremost location near historic Downtown, Daniel Island is one of the more expensive Charleston markets—luxury homes can go for upwards of $3,500,000. Prices in luxury communities such as the new multi-use Waterfront development can range from ...Feb 27, 2021


What is life like on Daniel Island?

The small-town setting, where porches are wide and neighbors are friendly, promotes a tight-knit community. With the many churches, golf clubs, committees, and schools it is easy to feel involved. The island is covered with 25 miles of well-placed trails for walking, running or bike riding.


Is Daniel Island in a flood zone?

Daniel Island residents in flood-prone areas may be in for a little extra money this year. ... “Daniel Island, for Berkeley County, is where we have the 'V' zones and 'VE' zones, which means that we projected more wave action around the Daniel Island area,” said Berkeley County Floodplain Manager Penny Ayers.Jul 18, 2018


What is the best month to visit Charleston SC?

The best time to visit Charleston is from March to May or from September to November when temperatures are mild – but not stifling. Hotel rates, however, will be high, especially around Easter.


Is Daniel Island a good investment?

If you own any investment properties in Daniel Island, SC, then you recognize the great opportunities that lie within this community. Its southern charm, gorgeous land, and proximity to Charleston's Historic District make this island an ideal place to bring in steady cash flow.


Who owned Daniel Island SC?

Thus the island was consolidated between two landowners, George Cunningham who owned the major portion on the south side of the island and the Furman family who owned approximately 1,000 acres on the northern part of the island. George Cunningham, a Tennessean, moved to Charleston in 1852 and got involved in cattle.


Is there a bridge to Daniel Island?

Edwards Bridge. The James B. Edwards Bridge , also referred to as the Wando River Bridge, is a pair of pre-cast post-tensioned concrete box girder bridges that span the Wando River between Mount Pleasant and Daniel Island on Interstate 526 (I-526) in South Carolina.


Why is Daniel Island an island?

By the 1940s, American businessman Harry Frank Guggenheim owned the island, which he used mainly as a hunting plantation and hunting club. Upon his death in 1971, the land was put into a trust, which ultimately developed the island.Mar 14, 2020


Where is danieldaniel Island?

Daniel Island is an upscale, master planned community north of Charleston. There are many beautiful, new large homes being built and there is plenty more room for future expansion.


What to do on Sanibel Island?

Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation The foundation is the island leader in preserving land and protecting Sanibel's wild life. 21. Sanibel Community Playground A carefully considered playground with variety for kids from one to ten.


What to do in Daniel Island South Carolina?

Things to Do in Daniel Island, SC - Daniel Island Attractions. 1 1. Volvo Car Stadium. 30. Concerts • Arenas & Stadiums. 2 2. Sister City Cruises - Day Cruises. 3 3. Let's Roam Charleston.


What is it like to live in Daniel Island?

This is a place where traditional neighborhoods, nationally ranked golf and a vibrant downtown enjoy a spectacular coastal setting. Surrounded by rivers, creeks and beautiful marsh views, Daniel Island is a place where people live and work, where children walk to school, and where the opportunities for active recreation are limitless.

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