Does Thousand Oaks have a beach?

How far is the beach from Thousand Oaks?

It is 13 miles from Thousand Oaks to Malibu Beach. It is approximately 18.1 miles to drive.

What county is Zuma Beach?

GREAT EXPERIENCES. Welcome to Zuma Beach! The best beach in LA County in California, wide open clean sand, mild waves, plentiful parking, life-guards, food stands and bathrooms.

Do any celebrities live in Thousand Oaks?

Some of the stars living in the Westlake area includes Hulk Hogan, Kim Richards, Heather Locklear and numerous others. Some of the celebrities that have attended Thousand Oaks High School include Justin Bieber, Kim Russell, Colbie Caillat and Michael Richards.Feb 15, 2017

Is Thousand Oaks a wealthy area?

Thousand Oaks ranks 7th place (2nd in California) in the top 10 list of the wealthiest cities with over 100,000 residents. That represents an annual household income of at least $191,469. Thousand Oaks is among the safest large cities in the nation.

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Is Thousand Oaks a nice area?

Thousand Oaks is a quiet, upscale community that's just an hour up the 101 freeway from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. ... If you're thinking about moving to Thousand Oaks, join us as we find out what makes this city so easy to love and hard to leave — and one of the best places to live in the Los Angeles area.Feb 26, 2021


Is Zuma Beach crowded?

Crowds follow you, and you follow crowds. ... Sure, it's still popular among locals on weekends and holidays, but this Malibu area beach can host crowds with plenty of onsite parking (pay at the lot or park for free along the Pacific Coast Highway) and lifeguards on duty to boot.Dec 5, 2018


Why is Zuma Beach Famous?

One of the largest and most popular beaches in Los Angeles County, California, Zuma is known for its long, wide sands and excellent surf. It consistently ranks among the healthiest beaches for clean water conditions in Los Angeles County.


How much do you need to make to live in Thousand Oaks CA?

In Thousand Oaks, the median monthly income is $119,684 for those who own their own homes. Under the standard rule, that income level would allow for $2,792 to be budgeted for housing expenses each month, at the most. Renters, on the other hand, earn about $68,992, per the median income in the area.


Is Westlake Village expensive?

Westlake Village home prices are not only among the most expensive in California, but Westlake Village real estate also consistently ranks among the most expensive in America. ... Overall, Westlake Village is a city of managers, professionals, and sales and office workers.


Why is Thousand Oaks famous?

Thousand Oaks is the seat of California Lutheran University (1959). It is also known for its recreational areas, with more than 75 miles (120 km) of trails and some 15,000 acres (6,000 hectares) of natural open space. The city is headquarters of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.6 days ago


Where do millionaires live in California?

All of the state's wealthiest communities are found in coastal areas. The San Francisco Bay Area, where the average zip code has a net worth over $450,000 per resident, is the state's wealthiest region. Sections of Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties also have considerable wealth.


How safe is Thousand Oaks?

The rate of crime in Thousand Oaks is 24.59 per 1,000 residents during a standard year. People who live in Thousand Oaks generally consider the northwest part of the city to be the safest.


Why choose Thousand Oaks?

  • Spend the day at some of the most pristine beaches enjoying the Florida lifestyle along the Atlantic Ocean. Just 5 minutes away you will find world class diving, fishing and boating. Thousand Oaks offers comfortable, luxury living with beautiful style, making it easy to enjoy life and focus on the things that you love.


How many houses are in Thousand Oaks CA?

  • Welcome to the premier master planned community of Thousand Oaks, which boasts 700 luxury single family homes and spacious town homes with stunning architectural designs and innovative floor plans all with lush landscaping maintained by the community association. Thousand Oaks has taken a proactive approach to safety and security.


Why thrithousand Oaks?

  • Thousand Oaks is one of the most desirable communities within Riviera Beach and Palm Beach County. Our immediate area is known for A rated schools, Fortune 500 Companies and outstanding medical facilities.

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