How can I get cheap flights?

What is the cheapest personal aircraft to fly?

  • The Champ is a great example of an affordable personal aircraft both in terms of purchase price and operating costs. The Ercoupe is well-known for being one of the easiest to fly and safest single engine planes around. When it was first released in the 1940s, the Ercoupe’s design was revolutionary.

What are the best cheap airplanes under 25k?

  • Here are our best value choices under $25,000 for the single engine category: The original Aeronca Champ is a classic, inexpensive tandem plane that used to be a common choice for trainer aircraft. This plane is perfect for enjoying relaxing low, slow flights. With a 4-5 gallon per hour fuel burn, your fuel budget will go a long way.

What is the cheapest month to fly?

  • The cheapest month to fly can vary depending on where you’re going, so finding the best rates largely comes down to avoiding peak travel times for your destination. A great insider tip is to travel during shoulder season – a name for the window of time between a destination’s high and low tourist seasons.

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image-How can I get cheap flights?
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