How do I get from Tulum to Punta Allen?

Is Nomade Tulum dog friendly?

Q: Is Nômade Tulum pet friendly? A: We love your four-legged friends, but due to the fragile ecosystem we reside, we kindly ask guests to leave their pets at home.

Is there a gas station in Punta Allen?

There are no gas stations in Punta Allen.

How much are beach clubs in Tulum?

Beach clubs in Tulum are relatively expensive, with an average of 50USD spend. That means that you must pay for the entrance but what you pay is used as a credit for your meal. So basically if you pay 50 USD and you spend only 40 USD to eat or drink you won't get the difference back.Dec 10, 2021

Who is the owner of Nomade Tulum?

Sebastian Sas (founder of the amazing Nomade property in Tulum) had the honor of figuring out what to do with it.Jun 15, 2016

image-How do I get from Tulum to Punta Allen?
image-How do I get from Tulum to Punta Allen?

Is Tulum dog friendly?

While most places on the Riviera Maya are very dog friendly, Tulum seems to be an area with a little extra relaxed attitude about bringing your dog along with you to the beach. ... There are quite a few beach clubs welcoming dogs as well as outdoor restaurants and cafes!Dec 6, 2013


What towns are south of Tulum?

The three main tourism destinations south of Tulum are the small towns of Bacalar and Mahahual, and the larger city of Chetumal, which is near the Belize border.Jan 2, 2019


Is Tulum a party town?

“Some of the best parties and most professional partiers descend on Tulum in January,” Pundole says of the Yucatán Peninsula's most talked-about town. The move here isn't your standard nightclub or bar. ... As more and more travelers have realized the potential of Tulum, the hotel industry has quickly caught up.Feb 6, 2018


Does Tulum have nightlife?

Tulum is home to some pretty awesome nightlife and instead of stepping on each other's toes, the top 5 nightclubs take turns hosting the biggest parties in town 6 days a week. After dancing the night away, you're eventually going to have to pay the bill. There are a couple of things to keep in mind.Aug 8, 2021


Is Tulum Mexico expensive?

Tulum might be more expensive than some other parts of Mexico, but it's still relatively cheap.May 12, 2019


How many rooms does Nomade Tulum have?

Nomade's 70 rooms and tents are the epitome of Boho-chic style.


How do I get to Tulum?

The closest airport to Tulum is Cancun International Airport. Cancun International Airport also serves Playa del Carmen and the entire Riviera Maya area, all the way down to Tulum and further south. The distance from Tulum to Cancun Airport is approximately 118 kilometers, or 73 miles.

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