Is Flagstaff pet-friendly?

How many dogs can you bring to a hotel in Flagstaff?

  • In general, most hotels permit up to two dogs, so if you have more consider staying at a cabin or a vacation rental. Take a look at these pet-friendly hotels in Flagstaff, AZ and see if any of them get your pup's two paws up.

Are Dogs Allowed in Drury Inn Flagstaff?

  • Drury Inn & Suites Flagstaff is not only pet-friendly, but also offers accommodations with an indoor pool and a fitness center. Our customers enjoy this 3.5-star hotel's family-friendly amenities and comfortable rooms. Pets are welcome at Hotel Aspen InnSuites Flagstaff/Grand Canyon.

Where can I stay near Flagstaff AZ?

  • Stay in a yurt or cabin at the AZ Nordic Village, a premier outdoor recreation destination just north of Flagstaff. Perfectly situated in the cool pine and aspen forests at 8,000 ft of elevation between Flagstaff and Grand Canyon National Park, the Village offers rustic cabin and yurt rentals year-round, and summer campsites that are RV-friendly.

image-Is Flagstaff pet-friendly?
image-Is Flagstaff pet-friendly?
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