Is Puerto de Mazarrón a nice place to live?

What is the nearest airport to Puerto de Mazarrón?

What is the nearest airport to Mazarrón? The nearest airport to Mazarrón is Corvera (RMU) Airport which is 26.5 km away. Other nearby airports include Alicante (ALC) (101.3 km).

What Costa is Mazarrón?

The municipality of Mazarron on the Costa Calida in the Murcia region of Spain comprises of the 2 coastal towns of Puerto de Mazarron and Bolnuevo and the inland historic town of Mazarron.

How far is Mazarrón from the beach?

It is about 6 kilometres from Puerto de Mazarrón. It has fine, golden sand.

What is Murcia?

Murcia in British English

(Spanish ˈmurθja) noun. a region and ancient kingdom of SE Spain, on the Mediterranean: taken by the Moors in the 8th century; an independent Muslim kingdom in the 11th and 12th centuries.

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Where in Spain is camposol?

Camposol is situated on the Costa Calida coast just south of the Costa Blanca.


Is Mazarron in Andalucia?

Mazarrón is a municipality in the autonomous community and province of Murcia, southeastern Spain. The municipality has an area of 318.7 square kilometres (123.1 sq mi), and a population of 31,562 inhabitants in 2019. ... Over 35 km of beaches, unspoiled coves and rocky sea beds.


Where is Calida in Spain?

The Costa Calida - Spain's warm coast

In the southeastern part of the Iberian peninsular around 40 kms east of the city of Murcia lies the spectacular Costa Calida ( the Warm Coast ). The region sits between the Costa Blanca to the North and the Costa Almeria in the south.


How many Costas are there in Spain?

The Spanish coastline is divided into 10 incredibly diverse 'Costas' or coasts, and there's a perfect costa waiting for you!Aug 26, 2013


What food is Murcia known for?

Murcia is famous for its fertile land and is often called “the vegetable garden of Europe”. One of its most telling dishes is the creamy Pisto Murciano, a sort of ratatouille made of onion, pepper, tomato, and eggplant.Jul 10, 2013


Does Murcia have a beach?

All this expansion makes it an area of Murcia well known for the easy reach and quality of its beaches and coves. There are many tourists who visit this region since, in addition to the richness of its beaches, it is a region of Spain that stands out for its excellent climate and for the best day and night atmosphere.


Does Murcia have an airport?

The best airports for Murcia

You'll fly into Murcia San Javier Airport. The easiest way to get to Murcia's town centre from here is to drive or take a taxi. Car hire is available in the airport, offering access to further flung corners of the region.


Is camposol a good place to buy?

It has an excellent community spirit. You get a lot of property for your money. Sector c and d are cheapest as they are furthest from the shops so you need a car but it's lovely and quiet on those sectors. Sector a and b are within walking distance of shops and bars but property prices are higher there.


What facilities are on Camposol?

Homeowners have excellent and extensive facilities, including an 18 hole, 72 par Golf Course and large Clubhouse, 2 shopping centres, supermarket, petrol station, medical centre, post office, pharmacist, community centre, and a wide selection of businesses, bars and restaurants. It even has its own weekly market.


How to get to Puerto de Mazarron?

  • Travelling time to Mazarrón is about 1 hour 45 minutes from Alicante airport, and about one hour from San Javier Airport. The coastline at Puerto de Mazarron boasts many kilometres of fine unspoilt sandy beaches with safe bathing.


What to do in the old town of Mazarron?

  • Mazarron old town is approximately six kilometres from the coast, and the town of Puerto de Mazarron. In the old town there is the town hall, daily indoor fresh produce market, banks, medical facilities, and shops.


What is the climate like in Puerto de Mazarron?

  • Puerto de Mazarron enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, with cool sea breezes in summer and protection by surrounding mountains against the cold North winds in winter. The inland town of Mazarron can be very hot in the summer.


Why buy a house in Mazarron?

  • The combination of low cost housing and year-round sunshine are now proving powerful magnets for international investors and many British ex-pats who have bought permanent or holiday homes here. Mazarron old town is approximately six kilometres from the coast, and the town of Puerto de Mazarron.

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