Is Red Bluff a good place to stay?

What is it like to live in a cabin on the river?

Our cabin was spotless and the outside common areas were excellently maintained. You don't have to worry about barking dogs the area is patrolled by Zapato, a miniature donkey. He's absolutely harmless and won't bother you, however he don't run away from attention. The area on the river is clean and the water is crystal clear.

How good are the cabins at Riverview Resort?

She raved about the cabins and the property, but the cabins speak for themselves. The property is immaculate and the cabins are AMAZING inside and out. Cabins 1-7 overlook the river and each cabin has it's own patio, chairs, picnic table and BBQ grill.

How cold does it get at Red Bluff?

Chilly, ~47 degree, afternoon hike from top to bottom and back up @ Red Bluff in Foxworth, MS with my wife and daughter. Who’d a thought there was topography and scenery like this in Southern MS, partly along the Pearl River.

image-Is Red Bluff a good place to stay?
image-Is Red Bluff a good place to stay?
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