Is sunset at the palms all inclusive?

Why sunsunset at the palms?

  • Sunset at the Palms invites travel enthusiasts to experience the sensuous warmth of the ever-present sunshine. Our adults-only resort is nestled among the endless white-sand beaches and lush foliage’s in the heart of Negril.

Where to stay in Negril Jamaica in August?

  • We stayed at Sunset at The Palms in Negril in August where we got to celebrate Jamaica’s Independence Day. From the moment we arrived we were treated with such friendliness and warmth. The Hotel is snuggled among beautiful greenery. The grounds are immaculate, and the hotel is….

Is sunset at the palms the best beach service in Florida?

  • Well, we weren’t disappointed choosing Sunset at the Palms, because not only did we have the opportunity to experience this fabulous beach but probably the best beach service we could remember. The beach staff was extremely attentive from the second you step foot on the sand.

image-Is sunset at the palms all inclusive?
image-Is sunset at the palms all inclusive?
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