Is the Lake Louise gondola worth it?

How long is the gondola ride in Lake Louise?

The eight-minute ride takes guests to a lofty altitude of 2,281 metres (7,486 feet) in cabins that seat up to four people. Once at the top, enjoy the restaurants, cafés, short hiking trails and new interpretive centre.

Which is better Banff Gondola or Lake Louise gondola?

Both gondolas have great views. So the usual advice is to go for the first gondola you encounter with nice clear viewing conditions, keeping in mind that the weather can change quickly in the mountains, and that Lake Louise is a 45 minute drive from Banff.

How much does it cost to ride the Banff Gondola?

Banff Gondola tickets have changed to dynamic pricing, and prices vary by day. Rates start at $53 in winter and $55 in summer. Please contact us on 403-760-5007 to confirm the price or book a package deal online.

Is the Banff Gondola free on the way down?

Yes! A one-way trip down on the Banff Gondola is available for half the regular price of admission* (5 & under are free) during our Daily Operating Hours. ... Please note: if you would like the take the Banff Gondola up and hike down, you must purchase a full-price ticket.

image-Is the Lake Louise gondola worth it?
image-Is the Lake Louise gondola worth it?

Is the Lake Louise gondola open?

We're open for winter 2021/22

Please read our winter safety protocols before you visit.


Which Banff Gondola is best?

The Sulphur Mountain Gondola or “Banff Gondola” is Banff's most popular and well known gondola. The interpretive centre is visible from the town of Banff, and it's probably the closest and most accessible option for a top down view of Banff.


Are there grizzly bears in Lake Louise?

Observe Grizzly bears and other wildlife in their natural habitat. The Lake Louise Summer Gondola is famous for being one of the best places in the Canadian Rockies to safely view grizzly bears, black bears, lynx, moose, mountain goats, elk, and deer along with many other fascinating species of wildlife.


What mountain does the Banff Gondola go up?

Getting to the Banff Gondola

The Banff Gondola is located at the base of Sulphur Mountain at the end of Mountain Avenue in Banff, Alberta in the heart of the Canadian Rockies.


Is the Jasper gondola worth it?

Is the Jasper Skytram Worth the Price? ... While there is a lot to love about taking the Jasper Skytram up to the top of Whistlers Peak, the price tag is a deterrent. At over $50 on average per adult, it's a very expensive ordeal, especially if you go for Pursuit's Ultimate Explorer Combo Ticket.Aug 1, 2021


Is Jasper or Banff Gondola better?

From the Banff Gondola the views are still quite high, but lower than Jasper and not as expansive. ... In winter months we feel the Banff gondola is the better choice over the lift only ticket for the Lake Louise ski hill. There are more possibilities for walking around the observation decks and boardwalks.May 7, 2012


How long do you need at Banff Gondola?

Allow at least 1.5 to 2 hours to reach the top. The majority of the trail is through the forest, but views of Banff and the valley peak through occasionally along the way. The wind can be strong on the face of the mountain. It's a strenuous hike with an elevation change of 655 meters.Mar 22, 2012


How cold is it at the top of the Banff Gondola?

It was Approximately 10 C or 50 F. Evidently in the evening it must freeze because on the top there was a bit of slush on the edges of the walkway to the observation tower.


How long is the gondola ride?

The standard gondola ride lasts 40 minutes. You can have a longer ride for additional payment.Apr 19, 2019


Do you need to book the Banff Gondola?

*Must be booked in person at either the Banff Gondola or an Explore Rockies location. One free child admission before 10 AM with each paying adult. Additional children are $32 per child. Admission includes a free shuttle from May 19 to Oct 8.

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