Is there a hotel in Hood River Oregon?

Where to stay in the Columbus River Gorge?

  • WHERE to STAY 1 Balch Hotel. RATED #1 FAN-FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION IN THE GORGE! ... 2 Columbia Cliff Villas Hotel. Perched on the edge of a 200-foot cliff with awe-inspiring views of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, our luxurious hotel in Hood River, Oregon, ... 3 Mt. Hood Oregon Resort. ...

How many rooms does the Columbia Gorge Hotel have?

  • Perched atop the majestic cliffs of the Columbia River, The Columbia Gorge Hotel has 40 guest accommodations. Facilities include our award-winning Simon's Cliffhouse Restaurant, the Valentino Lounge, an outdoor terrace for dining or drinks, and meeting space to accommodate up to 130 guests.

What are the best restaurants near the Columbia Gorge?

  • Conveniently located restaurants include Stonehedge Gardens Wine Country Bistro, Simon's Cliff House at The Columbia Gorge Hotel, and White Buffalo Wine Bar and Bistro. See all nearby restaurants.

image-Is there a hotel in Hood River Oregon?
image-Is there a hotel in Hood River Oregon?
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