What are the popular hotels in Riviera Maya?

What is the best place to stay in Cancun Mexico?

  • 1 Puerto Morelos. Cancun’s lesser-known next-door-neighbour, Puerto Morelos is full of old world charm. ... 2 Akumal. Known as the ‘Place of the Turtles’, Akumal is a popular day trip for those staying in the Riviera Maya. 3 Tulum. Once the site of an important Mayan city, Tulum is now one of the most popular towns in the Riviera Maya.

Where to stay in Tulum Mexico?

  • The Best Beach Hotels on the Riviera Maya There are plenty of hotels right on the sand in Tulum, but Ana Y Jose Hotel is in a great spot even by Tulum’s standards, close to one of the best sea swimming spots along this stretch of coast. There are 23 rooms and an exotic spa to top it off.

How to get to the Riviera Maya from Cancun airport?

  • International travellers usually arrive at the airport in Cancun, which is conveniently located just to the north of the Riviera Maya. Most hotels can arrange travel to the Riviera Maya directly from the airport, or you can hop in a collectivo (local minibus) or a taxi. Costs vary depending on how far down the coast you plan to travel.

image-What are the popular hotels in Riviera Maya?
image-What are the popular hotels in Riviera Maya?
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