What cities are near Oakland CA?

What to eat at the Oakland Coliseum?

  • One of the most popular spots for great food at Oakland Coliseum is in Section 104. Located near the right field foul pole, BBQ Ribs and Things sells delicious rib slabs, sandwiches, and two or three combo dinners that come with bread a salad and with side-options like tri-tip, chicken, pork ribs and hot links.

Is Oakland a city in California?

  • Oakland is a city found in California, The United States Of America. It is located 37.80 latitude and -122.27 longitude and it is situated at elevation 24 meters above sea level. Oakland has a population of 390,724 making it the 8th biggest city in California.

image-What cities are near Oakland CA?
image-What cities are near Oakland CA?
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