What is a “Gore” on a road?

The term gore means “the area of convergence between two lanes of traffic.“ In other words, it is the divider between a highway lane and either an entrance or exit ramp.

What is “Gore” under the law?

O.C.G.A. §40-5-60 (b) states “no vehicle shall be driven over, across, or within any dividing space, barrier, gore, paved shoulder, or section separating the roadways of a divided highway.” Driving in the gore generally occurs when a person is utilizing an exit or entrance ramp. It is usually a triangle shaped area created by white areas.

What is a “Gore Zone”?

Gore zones create a substantial gap between the entrance ramp and the lanes of the highway, and this gap impairs the visibility of the incoming cars and makes it difficult for the drivers to see the traffic on the highway.

What is the purpose of a goregore?

Gores were created to help protect ongoing traffic when cars are entering and exiting the freeway. The intent was that the marked out area would help organize traffic so people could safely merge into traffic. Driving in the gore can occur when you are exiting or entering an exit ramp.

image-What is a “Gore” on a road?
image-What is a “Gore” on a road?
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