What train stop is the Philadelphia Convention Center?

What part of Philadelphia is the convention center?

The Pennsylvania Convention Center is a multi-use public facility in the Market East section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, designed to accommodate conventions, exhibitions, conferences and other events.

What is the subway called in Philadelphia?

SEPTA is the nation's sixth-largest public transit system, with train, subway, trolley and bus lines serving 1.3 million customers every day, and giving visitors an easy, affordable way to explore Philly.

How do I get from the Philadelphia airport to the convention center?

Philadelphia International Airport is 11 ½ miles from the Convention Center by train or taxi. There is also SEPTA train service from the airport to the convention center. Take Route 76 to Exit 344/I-676 East. Take I-676 East and exit at Broad Street/Route 611 (2nd exit).

Is 30th Street Station Safe?

30th street station is one of the safest places at night in the whole city. The Amtrak police headquarters is located right in the station and it is staffed 24/7.

image-What train stop is the Philadelphia Convention Center?
image-What train stop is the Philadelphia Convention Center?

Is Philadelphia SEPTA safe?

Generally speaking, SEPTA is safe during active hours. That said, the usual big city caveats apply. Know where you are going, don't flash valuables, etc. And some of the stations are older and a little dismal, but they are well patrolled.


Where can you go from Penn Station?

Many Amtrak trains depart from Penn Station and travel to cities including Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington D.C., Norfolk, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami and New Orleans.Dec 28, 2020


Is there an East Philly?

East Philly is Camden, NJ. Because the eastern border is the Delaware river, where the State of Pennsylvania also ends. “East Philly” is southern Jersey, or in the narrowest sense, the city of Camden NJ.


Is Market East safe?

Crime: Market East/Chinatown, right in the middle of Center City, had the highest rate of crime by far. The areas in the south parts of Center City, like Pennsport, Graduate Hospital and Queen Village proved to be some of the safest areas. Diversity: Market East/Chinatown has the largest non-white population.Nov 24, 2014


How big is the Philadelphia Convention Center?

With 2.3 million square feet, the Convention Center is the largest contiguous exhibit space in the Northeast.


Why is the El called the El?

Why is The El called The El? The train, which takes riders from the Frankford Transportation Center to 69th Street, is elevated above the city except between 2nd and 40th streets, where it runs underneath Market Street. Because it's the elevated train, it's been called “The El” for forever.Jul 15, 2020


How much does it cost to ride the subway in Philadelphia?

The fare is $2 per ride; your first transfer is free, $1 for your next transfer if you have a SEPTA Key card. No Key card, no worry, the cost per ride is $2.50 which you can use to purchase a Quick Trip (ticket) from the Fare Kiosk at the station.


Do you need a car in Philly?

While Philadelphia isn't as walkable as New York City, it's still possible to go without a car in Philly. Depending on where you live, work and recreate you can get around by walking, biking or taking public transit.Jun 18, 2018

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