When was AWESOM-O released on DVD?

How does the military capture AWESOM-O?

The military captures "AWESOM-O" by shocking him, and abduct him into a secret base. Cartman tries to explain that he is really a kid, but the military believes that Cartman is a robot with A.I. that made them think he was human.

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What happened to AWESOM-O/Cartman?

AWESOM-O/Cartman is then taken to a secure location and chained to a table. When he protests that he's a real person, his captors misinterpret this to mean he's a self-aware robot. The military decides to "erase" his memories and consciousness using a very large drill.

image-When was AWESOM-O released on DVD?
image-When was AWESOM-O released on DVD?
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