Where is Crystal Cruises based?

How do I contact Crystal Cruises?

Please call us at 1-800-446-6620. Or email us at [email protected] Note: For guests with a confirmed reservation, please provide your name, voyage number and booking/reservation number (if available) within your email communication or in the email's Subject line.

What corporation owns Crystal Cruises?

Genting Hong Kong is the parent company of Crystal Cruises as well as two Asia-based cruise lines: Dream Cruises and Star Cruises. It also owns the Werften shipyard in Germany, where the first expedition ship for Crystal Cruises currently is under construction.Aug 21, 2020

Is Crystal Cruises sailing in 2021?

Crystal Symphony's return to sailing marks the resumption of service for 97 percent of Crystal's oceangoing fleet in the summer of 2021. Reservations for the new Luxury Caribbean Escapes open on April 20, 2021.Apr 9, 2021

Is Crystal Cruises still sailing?

Due to the Coronavirus crisis, Crystal Cruises suspended its ocean fleet's passenger shipping operations by canceling all voyages with pre-scheduled departures in the period March 14, 2020, through July 2021.

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Who owns Seabourn ships?

Seabourn Cruise Line is an cruise line headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The line operates worldwide, offering cruises from seven-day Caribbean cruises to 140+ day around the world cruises and expedition cruises. It is owned by Carnival Corporation.


Is WIFI free on Crystal Cruises?

Communication Services. Internet/Wifi: Complimentary internet and Wi-Fi access is available on board throughout all Crystal ships. Crystal encourages you to bring your own device/s with you to use during your voyage. Once on board, please connect to Crystal's complimentary Wi-Fi.


Is Crystal Cruises Going Out of business 2021?

Crystal® Statement

Crystal's parent company, Genting Hong Kong, is engaged in a financial restructuring and fundraising exercise to address liquidity issues that resulted from its ships not operating because of COVID-19. It is important to understand that the company is not going out of business.


Is Crystal Cruises in financial difficulty?

Last Updated: 09/08/2020 01:13PM ET

On August 19, 2020, Genting Hong Kong, the parent company of Crystal Cruises, Dream Cruises and Star Cruises, announced that they are having financial troubles and have stopped making payments to creditors as they contend with the loss of revenue due to the coronavirus crisis.
Sep 8, 2020


How many river ships make up the Crystal River Cruises fleet?

The line's four vessels – Crystal Bach, Crystal Mahler, Crystal Ravel and Crystal Debussy – are all are equipped with beautiful interiors and luxurious amenities, as well as the best dining on the rivers.

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