Where is Dursley in Gloucestershire?

What does Dursley mean?

  • Dursley is a market town and civil parish in southern Gloucestershire, England, situated almost equidistantly between the cities of Bristol and Gloucester. It is under the northeast flank of Stinchcombe Hill, and about 3

What is the history of Dursley Town Hall?

  • Dursley Town Hall, a structure complete with statue of Queen Anne and bell turret, dates from 1738, when the town's markets attracted farmers and traders from miles around. It is now maintained by the Dursley Town Council.

What is the difference between Dursley and Vernon?

  • Dursley is a town in Gloucestershire, England. Vernon was taken from the town of Vernon, Eure, France. It is also an English name of Norman origin meaning "place of alders "

image-Where is Dursley in Gloucestershire?
image-Where is Dursley in Gloucestershire?
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