Where is Innisfree?

Is Innisfree in America?

On Friday, the Korean beauty brand opened its first United States store in New York City and launched its US website. Now with its first United States store, the brand joins other Korean companies and retailers looking to capitalize on the still-growing American interest in K-beauty. ...

Why are Innisfree stores closed?

An AmorePacific official said, “We opened our first Innisfree store in Canada to introduce updated K-beauty products there, but due to the prolonged COVID-19 situation, we have decided to close down our shops.”May 14, 2021

How many Innisfree stores are there?

It operates over 950 stores in Korea and over 1,770 stores across 17 different countries.May 9, 2021

Is Innisfree Korean?

Innisfree (Hangul: 이니스프리) is a South Korean cosmetics brand owned and founded by Amore Pacific in 2000. The brand name derives from Irish poet W. B. Yeats' poem, 'The Lake Isle of Innisfree'. ... Innisfree was the first K-beauty brand to launch two inclusive cushion foundation lines with 14 shades.

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Who is the CEO of Innisfree?

Robbie Vitrano - CEO - Innisfree | LinkedIn.


Where is the island of Jeju?

The island lies in the Korea Strait, below the Korean Peninsula, south of the South Jeolla Province. Jeju is the only self-governing province in South Korea, meaning that the province is run by local inhabitants instead of politicians from the mainland.


Is innisfree good for acne?

Fortunately, innisfree has effective Korean skincare for acne prone skin that leaves skin feel refreshed and revitalized. ... The Clarifying Cleansing Gel is perfect for troubled skin and specifically designed to combat stubborn breakouts. While it removes excess oil, it won't strip your skin of its natural oils.


Is innisfree popular in Korea?

According to a survey in South Korea in 2019, Innisfree was the most popular cosmetic brand among Millennials and Generation Zs (aged 19 to 34) in South Korea with around 48 brand power index (BPI) points in 2019.


Is the Innisfree open in Toronto?

Innisfree said its stores at the Yorkdale Shopping Centre and the Scarborough Town Centre in Toronto will both shut forever on May 8. ... The Yorkdale Innisfree location was the first in Canada when it opened in August of 2019.May 3, 2021


Is there an Innisfree Canada?

The South Korean beauty brand entered Canada in 2019 with its first store opened in Yorkdale. The brand then expanded its footprint in the country with three more stores in Ontario.May 6, 2021


Is Innisfree a retail company?

Inside Innisfree's retail comeback strategy. One of the most significant impacts of Covid-19 has been the closure of non-essential brick and mortar retail. Innisfree, the South Korean-based beauty brand, had to close its 10 stores across New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco in March.Jul 16, 2020


Who is Innisfree ambassador?

Naturalism-focused cosmetics brand innisfree selected Korean singer Jang Won-young as brand ambassador and released a teaser video on July 27.Jul 27, 2021


Does Innisfree ship to Europe? is a US-based website, and we do not offer international shipping.


Is Innisfree a good brand?

Coming to the Brand in Focus, Innisfree claims to be one of the first all-natural cosmetics brands of South Korea bringing nature's natural benefits from Jeju Island. Innisfree is an eco-friendly brand and has a wide range of products catering to different skin needs.Jan 18, 2020

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