Where is Summerville Beach Provincial Park?

Why Summerville Beach Retreat is the ideal getaway?

  • A romantic rendez-vous, a quiet weekend for two or a special vacation for the family, Summerville Beach Retreat offers five large cozy chalets, vacation rentals, cottages to make your stay comfortable and pleasant. Overlooking one of the most spectacular beaches in Nova Scotia, Summerville Beach Retreat is indeed, the ideal getaway.

How do I get to Summerville center Beach?

  • Driving Directions: To get to Summerville Center Beach and Provincial Park, take Exit 20 off HWY 103. Turn onto Hwy 3 following signs for Summerville Center, Hunts Point and White Point. There is a parking lot on the right just before you get to the Quarterdeck Restaurant.

What is there to do in Nova Scotia?

  • Guests will have plenty to do during their stay in Nova Scotia as Summerville beach is only a 15-minute walk or a five-minute drive while other popular beaches include Hunts Point Beach (a five minute drive), White point beach (a 10-minute drive), Carters Beach (a 15-minute drive), and Beach Meadows Beach.

image-Where is Summerville Beach Provincial Park?
image-Where is Summerville Beach Provincial Park?
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