Where is Taren Point?

Is Taren Point Dharawal country?

  • At the end of the bridge, a sign indicates that Taren Point is Dharawal country and part of the Sutherland shire. The cycle path takes me away from busy Taren Point Road onto a suburban street. Here, most of the modern homes are double storey. The gardens are neat and the driveways paved.

What kind of birds forage at Taren Point?

  • Three long beaked speckled birds forage in the sand at Taren Point Reserve. They look like one of those breeds that are fattening themselves up for the long flight north. Taren Point has is a small, fascinating suburb, divided by Taren Point Road into more or less a commercial side and a residential side.

Why is there low tide at Taren Point?

  • It’s low tide at Taren Point Shorebird Reserve. This reserve aims to protect migratory birds such as the Red-necked Stint and Bar-tailed Godwit. The birds arrive in spring and leave again in autumn when they fly thousands of kilometres non-stop to their breeding ground in the northern hemisphere.

image-Where is Taren Point?
image-Where is Taren Point?
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