Where is the Alpine Resort in Door County?

Why choose Alpine Resort & Golf Course?

  • Welcome to Door County's original vacation destination at Alpine Resort and Golf Course on the shoreline in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin. Nestled between beautiful shoreline and majestic bluffs, Alpine boasts one of the most spectacular views in all the Door County Peninsula.

When was the first alpine resort built?

  • The Alpine, inviting visitors to Door County since 1922. Discovered and developed in 1921, the Alpine Resort was built by brothers Paul and John Bertschinger. On first sight, the duo fell in love with the property's natural beauty and resort potential (initially selling it, then re-purchasing it after much remorse).

When did the Alpine Resort in Egg Harbor get bought back?

  • Paul told him, and the two set to work to buy it back, which they did in 1914 – for twice what John had sold it for. The Alpine Resort sits below the bluff in Egg Harbor. Submitted.

image-Where is the Alpine Resort in Door County?
image-Where is the Alpine Resort in Door County?
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