Where is the Puente de Triana?

What is the history of Triana?

  • The first settlements in the Triana area are dated from the Roman period. During Muslim rule the neighborhood developed around a castle built in the 10th century. Triana was the last defence of Seville from the west before the city-walls.

How is Triana connected to Seville?

  • Triana is connected to Seville by the Isabel II bridge (popularly known as Puente de Triana) constructed between 1845 and 1852 by Gustavo Steinacher and Ferdinand Bennetot. It has on its west side a small Neo-Mudéjar chapel built by Aníbal González in 1927; both together constitute the most recognised symbol of the neighborhood.

What is a Triana resident called?

  • Residents of Triana have traditionally been called trianeros; they identify strongly with the neighborhood and consider it different in character from the rest of Seville.

image-Where is the Puente de Triana?
image-Where is the Puente de Triana?
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