Where to stay at Tyndall Air Force base?

How do I contact tytyndall Air Force base?

  • Tyndall AFB, FL 32403. Phone: (850) 283-4210 / 4211. DSN: 523-4210 / 4211. DSN Fax: 523-4800. The Sand Dollar Inn offers two, three, and four bedroom units. PCSing personnel have priority and are generally authorized for a 10 day stay. It is strongly recommended that reservations are made as soon as the arrival date is confirmed.

Is the Tyndall FAM camp open to retired military?

  • After hurricane Michael came through, once they had the debris cleaned up, it was only open to active duty and DoD contractors working on base. Per management As of February 25 “The Tyndall Fam Camp will now accept retired military based on availability.

What happened to the base at Fort Hood?

  • The base, town, and campground are still in poor shape visually. This was once our most favorite campground. The base had over 850+ base housing that was totally destroyed. Campground is full with essential personnel who have to be here but cannot get suitable housing. The pictures show how the trees and vegetation has been blown away.

image-Where to stay at Tyndall Air Force base?
image-Where to stay at Tyndall Air Force base?
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