Where to stay near Marseille Airport?

Why choose ibis Marseille Provence Aéroport?

  • Located 1312 feet from Marseille-Marignane Airport and providing a free shuttle service from 5:00 to midnight, ibis Marseille Provence Aéroport offers a grill restaurant and a bar. I Loved Everything! Kindness and very helpfull staff!

Is there a shuttle from Marseille Airport to Provence?

  • “The hotel is also located close to the airport train station and there is a free shuttle between Marseille Provence airport (bus station, platform 5) and Vitrolles- aéroport Marseille Provence train station.” “We managed to book the Pullman while delayed at Marseille airport.”

Where is A&S Aéroport - Marseille?

  • Located in Pennes Mirabeau, BRIT Marseille Aéroport - A&S is 11 mi from Marseille and 16 mi from Aix-en-Provence. It offers a 24-hour front desk, free Wi-Fi access and free, secure and private... Great location relating to the airport.

image-Where to stay near Marseille Airport?
image-Where to stay near Marseille Airport?
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