Who is the owner of PC Hotel?

How many are Serena hotel in the world?

Its collection of 35 unique hotels, resorts, safari lodges and camps, palaces and forts located in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Rwanda, Congo DRC and Uganda), Mozambique and South Asia (Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan) are in some of the world's most interesting, enchanting, historic, and exotic ...

Who is the owner of Serena Hotel in Uganda?

The Kampala Serena Hotel is owned by a consortium that includes three corporate entities; (a) Tourism Promotion Services, a division of the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development, (b) the Uganda National Social Security Fund, (c) Proparco, a French property investment company.

Who is Aziz Boolani?

Aziz Boolani is currently the Chairman of the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP). He has also worked in other institutions of the Aga Khan Development Network in an honorary capacity.Oct 15, 2021

What star is Serena?

A visit to Islamabad Serena Hotel is more than just a comfortable stay at the only 5-star deluxe hotel in Pakistan, an affiliated member of the Leading Hotels of the World.

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image-Who is the owner of PC Hotel?

How many floors does Serena Hotel have?

After the clip aired, newsmen called the Serena Hotel to verify whether the hotel indeed has five floors. A receptionist told them that the hotel has only two floors and four blocks.Sep 20, 2021


Is Kabul Serena hotel safe?

Travel to Afghanistan is always a challenge but to stay in Hotel Serena makes it feel safe and enjoyable. Security in the hotel is very high standard and it provides excellent conditions for work and relaxation.


Is Kabul safe to visit?

WARNING: Travelling in Kabul is dangerous and is strongly discouraged. As of August 15, 2021, the Taliban has taken control of the city. Threats are unpredictable and the situation remains volatile. ... Kabul has been the capital of Afghanistan since about 1776.


Is alcohol allowed in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is one of 16 countries in the world where the drinking of alcoholic beverages at any age is illegal for most of its citizens. Violation of the law by locals is subject to punishment in accordance with the Sharia law. Drinkers can be fined, imprisoned or prescribed 60 lashes with whip.

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