Why choose MEC hiremec?

What does the MEC assess?

  • The MEC assesses both language comprehension and language production. It provides a comprehensive examination of critical facets of communicative competence including: Comprehension and production of linguistic and emotional prosody Lexico-semantic processes including verbal fluency and semantic judgements

What is the English version of the MEC?

  • This English version of the MEC has been adapted from the original French version and includes norms from English speakers. The original MEC was specifically designed to address the need for a test of communication in non-aphasic populations by the lead author Yves Joanette and his colleagues in Canada and the USA.

What is included in the MEC kit?

  • The MEC kit comprises a manual, a stimulus book, response booklets and informant questionnaires and audio-files for assessing prosodic elements of communication. The response forms can be copied as often as required. What is in the MEC Kit?

image-Why choose MEC hiremec?
image-Why choose MEC hiremec?
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