Why stay at Mystique St Lucia?

What is the mystique Royal?

  • The MYSTIQUE ROYAL - is a Fabulous resort, Small, quiet and Friendly, suitable for Couples, Mature adults looking for quiet and relaxation. GREAT Food and Service.

What is Saint Lucia famous for?

  • Home to exotic landscapes including the famous Pitons and the world’s only drive-in volcano, this small island is a Caribbean gem. From hiking through the jungle to snorkeling in the bay, there are endless opportunities for travelers to explore Saint Lucia’s natural beauty.

What is rexrex by Royal St Lucia?

  • Rex by Royal is the upscale sister to the adjacent St. Lucian, one of St. Lucia's first resorts. Although the two hotels are connected via a maze-like outdoor hallway and share a spa and gym (both in need of updating), that is all they have in common.

image-Why stay at Mystique St Lucia?
image-Why stay at Mystique St Lucia?
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